How to Sell My House Fast in Central Valley, California

December 15th, 2022

So picture this: my house was in foreclosure. I was behind on my mortgage payments, and selling for a cash offer was the only way to make some money, prevent my house from being seized, and relocate to a new home. Sounds stressful, right? It certainly was. Being in foreclosure was overwhelming, and I wanted the best offer I could find, but it had to be fast since my foreclosure date was fast approaching.

My home is in Central Valley, California. I considered listing it with an agent, but it may have taken months to sell my house fast on the open market. Plus, I would have had to pay closing costs and a commission to an agent, which defeated the purpose of getting money fast.

I had seen a lot of billboards for a “fast cash offer” on my home, but I didn’t know if the process was real. I was able to sell my house fast with no hassles. Here’s how it worked.

really old and abandoned two story home in Central Valley, California

Scheduling a Consultation

I called Joe Homebuyer and explained my situation: foreclosure was imminent on my property, I was moving after I sold the house, and most importantly, I needed to sell my house fast in Central Valley, California. One of the Joe Homebuyer representatives came to evaluate my house’s value, and after the consultation, they explained all possible solutions for purchasing my home. There were no obligations to accept their offer, but it was the best choice for my circumstances.

Accepting My Offer

Houses in the Central Valley have a history of selling quickly, but not fast enough for what I needed. Joe Homebuyer came back with an all-cash offer to buy my home, and they could close in just seven days. Plus, I paid zero closing costs and had to make no repairs on my property to accept. When I said, “I have to sell my house fast,” they took it seriously. My offer came back just 24 hours after the consultation.

Receiving My Cash

multiple $100 bills on a table

Once we agreed upon a fair settlement, I signed the paperwork and received my cash via check: the home-selling process was simple. If I ever had to sell my house fast again, I would work with a Joe Homebuyer franchise without exception. With cash in hand, I was out of foreclosure and free to move closer to my family. I had to sell my house fast, the pressure was high, but Joe Homebuyer got me the money I needed thanks to their simple purchase process.