Finding Someone to Buy My House Fast After Divorce

February 1st, 2023

I live in Fresno, California; I’ve lived here most of my life. My husband and I bought a house together shortly after we married in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, marriage is difficult, life doesn’t always go according to plan, and we are divorcing.

The separation process has been challenging, but one of the hardest things for us to contend with is selling the house. I find myself asking, “who will buy my house? Will I be able to sell?” I need the money, and I want the process to be as hassle-free as possible because I have so little time due to all the other aspects of the divorce proceedings.

two story home with front porch  in central valley california

Who Will Buy My House Fast After Divorce?

I come from a family of divorced parents, and now I’m about to be a single parent myself as our marriage has fallen apart. I don’t need to stay in our shared home: too much space, too many memories, and it’s too expensive after the divorce. So, I’ve been looking for solutions on who can buy my house fast so I can focus on the future. A cash offer is going to be my best bet.

How the Cash Offer Process Works

I want to avoid listing my house on the market because of time and financial constraints during divorce proceedings. In addition, working with a real estate agent to prep, clean, and show the house to prospective buyers is not feasible for me as a single parent. Though many real estate agents exist in Fresno, I’ve been exploring working with home-buying companies.

I discovered that a home-buying company like Joe Homebuyer Central Valley would offer guaranteed cash on my property. Guaranteed: I like the sound of that. With so much turmoil in my life surrounding the divorce, having a guaranteed offer would take a lot of stress off my plate.

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Getting My Offer

A Joe Homebuyer Central Valley representative comes to my property, evaluates it, estimates its value, and sends me a no-obligation cash offer to buy it within a day after the consultation. If I accept, I can close as fast as I want — in as little as seven days. And because they work with a local Fresno, California title company, I walk away with a check in my pocket at closing.

Though my separation and the end of my marriage have been difficult, I know there’s a silver lining on the other side of divorce. I found someone to buy my house in Fresno for cash, and now I can focus on moving forward to a better future with my family.