I Used Joe Homebuyer to Buy My House After My Divorce

February 15th, 2023

Why I Needed to Sell My Fresno Home After Divorce

I’m a single parent who went through a divorce. Taking care of my family after my marriage fell apart was difficult, especially for my kids, who now had divorced parents. This difficulty was compounded by needing someone to buy my house in Fresno, California. After the marriage dissolved and my spouse and I filed for divorce, I needed to leave my home. I couldn’t stay there: it was too hard after the separation and expensive to upkeep for my children and me.

I didn’t want to list with a real estate agent because I knew how time-consuming it would be to find someone to buy my house in California. I’d have to make repairs, deep clean, and prepare it for open houses. Plus, I’d have to pay closing costs and a commission to the agent, which I couldn’t afford during the divorce filings.

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I found out about cash home buyers from a friend who also had gone through a marriage separation. She, too, was a single parent who needed to sell her Fresno, California house fast. So she used Joe Homebuyer Central Valley to get a no-obligation cash offer. She told me that she only had to show her home once; a representative from the company came by to do a consultation, and within twenty-four hours, she had her offer.

The Cash Offer Process

Divorce was hard on my finances because of the change to my household income, so the idea of getting cash for my property so I could focus on my and my family’s future was very appealing. I’d gotten estimates and appraisals for my property before, but Joe Homebuyer Central Valley made a fair offer I couldn’t turn down. And my friend was right; I received the offer less than a day after the consultation.

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Closing on my Fresno Property

Once I accepted the offer, Joe Homebuyer Central Valley worked with a local title company to ensure I received a check at closing. They gave me the offer to pick my closing date. If I needed to stay in my house a little longer before moving, they offered up to a month before closing was complete. But they could complete the deal in seven days because I needed to move fast during divorce proceedings. The process was hassle-free, which I needed while dealing with the ongoing hassle of divorce.