We Buy Houses: No Seller’s Remorse with Joe Homebuyer

March 1st, 2023

Finding a Cash Buyer for My Fresno House Quickly

I needed to sell my house quickly after I got a job offer out of state. I owned my home in Fresno, California, and needed to get money out of it before I found a place to live in my new home state. Unfortunately, because I was moving for work, I didn’t have time to work with a real estate agent and list my property on the market. So, I chose to accept a cash offer instead.

A friend recommended Joe Homebuyer in the Fresno area. Joe Homebuyer: “we buy houses,” is what they told me. “We buy houses in any condition and can do it quickly.”

old two story home in the woods in black and white

No Seller’s Remorse with a Fair Cash Offer

So a Joe Homebuyer representative comes to my house and evaluates it before making me a cash offer. The process, from consultation to the closing date, only took about ten days. It was truly a quick sale process. I don’t regret working with a cash buyer — no seller’s remorse here.

My home had a few quirks that I was worried would make it difficult to sell. For example, it needed repairs, and I still needed to deep clean it. Fortunately, none of this mattered to the Joe Homebuyer team. When they say, “we buy houses,” they mean it. They still gave me a fair offer for my house, and they were very straightforward and transparent with me, so I didn’t get cold feet.

old run down apartment building with three doors in the front

Quick Sale: Money in My Pocket Because of Joe Homebuyer

Joe Homebuyer worked with a local title company, so I got money for my house on the closing day. After the fast closing, I had money in my pocket that I used to find a new place to live after my move. Accepting a cash offer was the best option for my family and me. It was hard to say goodbye to Fresno, California, but Joe Homebuyer ensured I had no seller’s remorse and could look forward to the next chapter of my life.

Property owners: if you have real estate that you need to sell quickly for any reason, I can’t recommend working with a cash buyer enough. You’ll sell your house fast with no remorse. I guarantee it.